Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland? :)

"Oh yes! Hooray!" This was the word came from my mouth just immediately after i saw the advertiement by nuffnang on my blog about "Maybank is sending me to Legoland!"
I click on the link without second thought and eagerly want to know how should i do for winning the ticket.

love travelling,taking photo, outdoor games,love adventures 

Frank to say,i really think that this was the gift especially for me who really love travelling,taking photo, outdoor games,love adventures and always want to go themepark like Legoland which is really a wonderful land for me to have a adventurous tour! 

I am a talkactive girl who has a wide circle of friends in reality world and in internet world too. I always like to share about my experiences to all my friends and recommend something interesting to them. For example, I had use Nuffnang to earn the little bit of money ,actually for my own sense of accomplishment only .Many of my friends don't believe in earning many through online advertisement at the first place.However , i just want to prove to them there are really believable and trustful web like Nuffnang which are very safe for us. And after i received my first cheque from Nuffnang, they finally believe on it and join Nuffnang together. Hence, i think that if Maybank gift me the tickets, it will be the Win-win-win situation for Maybank , Legoland, and me as i will tell all my friends about how good Maybank is ,not only about this event and also help to promote the services of Maybank,and also encourage them to use Maybank as their bank.
Besides,if i can visit Legoland ,i will also share the experience to my friends and let them to be attracted to go visit there.
I can also share things like photo about Maybank and Legoland on facebook , twitter, blog , weibo for more people to know more about them. 
I believe i can make many of my friends become the followers of Maybank and also Legoland!
boom~i believe i have super power !

I was eagerly wish to go Legoland since i saw the shared links from my friends on facebook on last year ,that is 2011.
But that time the themepark have not complete yet,so i can only try to search as much  informations as i can  about Legoland.
 Except in Malaysia, we can only find Legoland in Denmark,UK,California,Germany,and Florida. I know Legoland Malaysia is the one and only one Legoland in Asia. I am very proud that it was in Malaysia!
After the themepark in Malaysia had completed, i straight away go search the official website . From it, i know that the ticket price is not really affordable for me who are only a student and can only get financial support from my parents . It is a bit too high ,but i still want to go there so i start saving money already because i want to use my own money without asking money from my mum ,it's just like i taking it for granted,
.And today, yes, today i saw this ads , so i wrote this to win the ticket so that i can eat n spend as usual , no need to keep the stomach hungry just for the ticket.

I really hope to get the ticket,gift me please . I will really appreciate into the heart!
thank you so much~


缘铃 said...

How many ticket u win it??
so lucky~^^
got time limit?

7u1 said...

just take part in it.not win yet.i try only~ u can write it too.then send ur name ,IC, address,handphone ,url of ur blog post to

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